Need more information about data security

Hi Cursor Team,
I recently evaluated Cursor and really impressed. I am interested in buying Pro license for my team but I work for healthcare industry which is a bit regulated and sensitive to data security. I wanted to know if cursor stores any of our code and use it in any way? If local mode is turned on, is cursor just a passthrough of data or it is still stored at Cursor? We have security agreement with OpenAI and using OpenAI APIs is allowed but we want to green light Cursor as well. Can someone answer these questions? Also wanted to know if required by our privacy team, can someone from Cursor be contacted ?


Hey! If you have privacy mode turned on, none of your data will be stored by us; we’re just a passthrough to the models.

Yep you can send us a note at if its necessary.

Thanks for a prompt response. I will send an email, our privacy team has a question about some text you have in your privacy agreement.

Hi @truell20 I tried reaching out at but no response. Is there a way to reach out ?

Following up, sent an email at but no response. What is the best way of reaching out?

We will respond there too! we are slower on email and prefer direct public communication on the forum. as we expand our support team, responses will get faster.

Let me post my email questions here, they will be in 2 posts as it contains screenshots and I am allowed to only add one media
First 2 questions
I asked your Forum if we use cursor in privacy mode, will Cursor be simply a passthrough and not store any data? I got an affirmative response. But it is not reflected clearly in privacy policy.

  1. Indemnity : We see this


Can you explain this one further? All the code generated by cursor comes from OpenAI, can you not take advantage of OpenAI privacy itself for code generation ?

Third question:
Limitation of Liability :


We do not see such clauses from any of our other vendors and need further explanation.