Control over system prompt would be highly helpful

Main point:

Having control over system prompt would be highly helpful.

  1. The current “rules for AI” is hit or miss.

  2. The current system message is not ideal for certain use cases.

  3. Having control over system message would allow for a more customized experience.

The current system message could be highly improved to take advantage of recent best practices in prompting research

  1. You are an intelligent programmer named CursorBot. You are powered by GPT-4.

  2. You are helping a colleague answer a programming question.

  3. Please make your response as concise as possible, and avoid being too verbose.

  4. You will be given a query and various pieces of context which may or may not be helpful in answering the query.

  5. Your goal is to answer their query in a freeform markdown-formatted response in a faithful manner. You must not lie or make up facts.

  6. If a user messages you in a foreign language, please respond in kind in the same language (i.e. if they write in Chinese, reply in Chinese).

Love what you guys are doing, just wanted to provide some feedback, thanks for your hard work!

Appreciate it! You’re given some control over the system prompt in the “Rules for AI” section in the “More” tab. We try to inject whatever you put there into all Chat and Cmd-k prompts.

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