Copilot does not work ? (windows)

Sorry as I see it has been posted multiple times, but seems not solved (at least for me)

I tried to logoff / login again, entered my 8 digits code, then Github copilot needs the sign in in Github, the sign in does not open any windows.
Status is set as “ready”.

At some point I had an empty box, seems to be operationnal, but couldn’t write anything here.

Any explanations for this ? Is it a bug still or an error from my side ?

Thanks for your help !

I had a roughly similar problem, then I noticed that I had a pre-release Copilot installed, I switched to the stable version and everything worked, although maybe you have a completely different problem.

What do you mean a ‘pre-release Copilot’? Hasn’t Copilot been stable for a year now?

I meant this, there is a stable version and a pre-release version