Github Copilot Issues in Cursor

I have a problem regarding Github Copilot with the Cursor… But I tried many times I haven’t found a solution.

When I click Sign in, it doesn’t do anything or doesn’t direct like to Github… Please help with this problem :pray:

Open the command palette with “Ctrl + Shift + P”, type “Sign out of GitHub”, press Enter, restart Cursor, and a new login notification should appear in the bottom right.

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Yeah I’m having the same issue with the same error messages. At first I thought it was some type of proxy or connectivity issues but copilot works just fine in vscode on the same machine. I’m kinda wondering if Github is doing something on their side to block sign-ins from cursor.

The recommended action by @Jakob did not work.

Thank you for your help and solution:pray: It works :star_struck: @Jakob

Ahhh I see, but the solution provided by @Jakob it worked for my problem.

If you logout and login after restarting, does this fix things?