Copilot++ terms of use?

Heya! I’ve been using cursor for a few weeks now and I’m enthused to the point I’ve started talking about it to my superiors at work. They however are very much unwilling to consider anything that has not specifically outlined the ownership and use of generated code, the use and storing of prompts etc. I went through the cursor terms of use but it does not specifically mention anything about code generation or prompting or their usage. They referred me to github copilot terms of use Customer agreements · GitHub and told me without these similarly outlined, they will be unable to expose any proprietary or client code to the copilot++. This is obviously because of intellectual property rights being unclear and data security issues with not knowing what ends up where. Is there a better document on this somewhere?

We will update out terms to make this work for you!

to make it clear on this thread:
We DO NOT own any of the suggestions. You retain all ownership of your code.

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Oh that would be fantastic! I’ll keep checking for the changes.