Copilot ++ Can someone give me an overview

Hi Guys,
Thanks for all your fine work. I have been using cursor for a few months and hope to use it more while I work on building up my coding experience. To my question:

Can someone explain to me the CoPilot ++ feature? I have not found a good explanation. Also there are no good videos on Youtube about Cursor which is a shame since it does so much. Am I looking in the wrong place. Can anyone suggest some good videos especially for beginners? Thanks

Copilot ++ is basically what Github copilot does but aimed to be better, and a quick Ecosia search gave me this video:

Copilot++ is our autocomplete / autoedit feature.

You can visualize it as a superset of Github copilot that is also capable of editing your existing code :slight_smile:

It’s really useful when refactoring, fixing lint errors or writing code that requires your cursor to move a bunch (in addition to all the normal usecases of autocomplete)

Here’s a video of us using it:

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Thanks. This is very helpful.

No Copilot++ mention in the video, unfortunately.

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