What is Copilot++ and why is it disabled?

I just recently moved from VS Code & Copilot over to Cursor. I recently noticed in the bottom-right corner of Cursor is “Copilot++” and it’s disabled.

Cursor seems to be working fine, so what is this Copilot++ toggle at the bottom?


Hi @krschacht,

Welcome to Cursor! Copilot++ is our built-in code completion tool, and you might have disabled it on the onboarding process by choosing to use Github’s Copilot, but I would recommend giving Copilot++ a try!

I personally like Copilot++ a lot since it feels smarter in my opinion, and can autocomplete not just at the end of the line but also anywhere 1 line above or two lines below. Extremely useful for saving keystrokes by just pressing Tab.

We are constantly improving Copilot++, so if you encounter any issues, please let me know!