Copy/paste/clipboard broken

The clipboard is broken; copy/paste whether using context menu or shortcuts does not copy/paste anything to/from the clipboard. Copying doesn’t affect the clipboard, and pasting with something in the clipboard does not do anything either. I don’t have this issue with any other application on this machine (including VS Code).

I turned on logging level to trace for cursor, but I do not know which output to look at to get to the bottom of this issue.

I’m using the most recent version (0.35.0-1) installed with appimage. I’m using a Wayland based window manager (Hyprland). The issue appeared today as far as I am aware. I don’t think I updated any other software today (before I came across this bug), but I did update Cursor today.

I tried disabling all extenstions, but this did not fix the issue either.

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Agree, adding further … copying and pasting works fine with context menu but gets broken while using shortcuts . [Linux user here… not sure about windows]

Actually copy pasting doesn’t even work with the context menu for me.

Shortcuts for copy paste not working may also be due to the vim extension overriding the default shortcuts. (But that’s not the case for me)

it’s editor then, next update will fix it eventually…

It seems the issue is with the Wayland version.
For some reason when installing cursor I get both a ‘Cursor’ and ‘Cursor (Wayland)’ application. The clipboard is only broken on the latter.

I assume that the Wayland version uses a Wayland native version of Electron, whereas the other version uses the X11 one (with XWayland). Since Wayland handles the clipboard differently from X11, this makes sense. Still it is a bug, and I wonder if others can reproduce it.