Cursor Bundle Identifier


I’m wondering if Cursor is planning to create it’s own bundle Identifer on Mac for the application. If Cursor would have a unique and static bundle identifier it would allow us to for example submit Cursor to the list of external code editors in GitHub Desktop (thus allowing you to open projects in Cursor directly from Github Desktop).

Right now the bundle identifier seems to be randomly generated. I found the value com.todesktop.230313mzl4w4u92 in my info.plist but my gut feeling says that this could change in a new release. If this could be change to something like com.anysphere.cursor (like Visual Studio Code does with it would be awesome :smiley:

Hey! Thanks for asking about this. That is indeed our bundle identifier. It will not change. (We’d prefer it look nicer but actually cannot change it now that the app is published.

Hey @truell20,

Excellent! Since the bundle identifier is static I’ve now submitted a Pull Request to GitHub Desktop with added support for Cursor (Add support for Cursor IDE in MacOSX · Issue #17462 · desktop/desktop · GitHub). Not sure if/when it will be accepted but I hope soon!

Thanks for making an awesome product :smiley:

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