Cursor not opening a new window when launching

When I open cursor from the command line, perhaps to open or create a new document, it reuses an instance that’s already there. This is almost always not what you want. The first instance of Cursor may have a workspace on a different virtual desktop or monitor. Meanwhile, I open a new document for a different scope of work and I wonder why Cursor isn’t opening, realising later that it’s opened on another instance elsewhere.

VS Code opens a new window by default, and uses the -r command line flag to open on an already created instance.

I was wondering if we can have similar functionality with Cursor?

What OS are you using?

This was Windows 11 when I discovered this problem. I had another instance of cursor running on another virtual desktop and I tried to open a single file from the command line on another virtual desktop.

Windows is buggy in that it doesn’t switch desktops when a different application is selected (e.g cursor) so I was wondering where my file was until I discovered it opened on the original instance where I had opened a workspace