Cursor remembers none of chat context (even on second message)

Cursor now remembers none of my chat context.
You can see in the below picture that in my second message, it hasn’t even remembered the first.

Can anyone help please?

Hmm, that’s weird. I can’t reproduce it. Is the “Current file” very long by any chance?

I think I’ve found the cause…

My ‘rules for AI’ is 3,368 words :grin:.

Ideally, I’d like it to be able to handle both the ‘rules for AI’, and the chat context. But if it can’t, I’d like it to tell me, and let me choose.

Thank you for the update. Yea, that shouldn’t happen. We’ll have a look.

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@Jakob if I reduced line breaks, so the doc was on less lines, would the AI be able to handle it better?

Before - rules for AI
I use React
I use Node.js

After - rules for AI
I use React|I use Node.js

No, removing new lines reduces the token size of your text only very slightly. You can try here.

I would try to keep only the most essential things in your Rules For AI and move some stuff to Custom Docs.

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