for big projects? versus cody?

Has anyone used this project for a large project code base? I know there is 50 uses, but I have used all on previous project. I have also tried cody, same gpt4 model, but for some reason I felt is better, but I may be biased. Thoughts?

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Define large? I think mine’s somewhere in the middle. Hundreds of files written over 25 years though

also curious about what you mean by “large”, but i will say that in my opinion, cursor is 100x cody in terms of its ability to rapidly “learn” your codebase (and relevant docs). i switched everything from cody to cursor after 5 minutes.

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I’m still figuring stuff out but slowly learning how to make it work across a large number of files. So far so good. Could be better, but also is better than anything else I’ve used

editing multiple files simultaneously is not a strong point atm.

aider is better at this. (but way worse at understanding multiple files).

i am trying to form a voltron: running aider via rift inside of cursor…but currently it is more of a frankenstein :wink:

I use it for two big projects with some huge enterprise clients

Probably >100k LOC, and >50 devs

we use it for our pretttyyy big codebase and it works pretty good (probably even a bit overoptimized for big codebases over small ones ;( I would like cursor to be unbeatable at small codebases.)

One month later: are you still using that workflow? Sounds a tad complicated, no?

Which workflow have you settled for eventually, that gives you the best outputs overall?

if i need to run the same prompt on many different files, then i write an aider script. sometimes i use cursor to write the aider script for me.

at a high level - it takes some thought to choose between “deterministic” processes (algorithms) and “non-deterministic” processes (LLMs).

so in the example above, i know i need the same prompt on all the files, which is basically a for loop, or a bunch of scripts in sequence. i use a deterministic script for that part, then the llm does the non-deterministic file editing.

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What are you actually saying here?

I couldn’t get Cody working in a full week of back and forth with their technical team.

Cursor worked in 10 minutes and I didn’t need to ask for help.

Maybe Cody has better onboarding now, I’m not really interested in re-evaluating it.

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I mean what do you mean by, Cursor is 100x Cody in terms of its ability to rapidly “learn” your codebase?

I don’t understand what you’re saying?

see my post above. i mean that 10 mins is 100x faster than a week.

i’m talking about onboarding speed.

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Oh okay. The onboarding experience was faster in your case.
Sorry I didn’t get that from, cursor is 100X Cody in terms of its ability to rapidly learn your codebase.

It sounds like a niche issue. If most people couldn’t get Cody to work with a week of technical support, then the product would be seriously flawed.

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The thing is they don’t have such a nice forum, like here :slight_smile: They have Discord. I hate Discord. Although I visited it last night and the people managing Cody seem to be very busy on it lately. But I prefer the way things are structured here.

Simple format precise answers is always best indeed. No time to waste.

Going a bit off topic, but since you’ve described your ideal setup here and other posts, after trying everything out there, so I’m wondering have you tried

I’ve seen it mentioned yesterday on Reddit, but it was never mentioned on the forum here. It seems very powerful from what I can read on Continuum website:

“Continuum creates a comprehension model of your codebase and lets you interact with it using natural language. Copilot and other popular codegen tools are limited to generating snippets; Continuum interprets your conversations and responds naturally to help you with a wide range of tasks.”

Based on their LinkedIn it’s a 4 guys venture with ex-Amazon and Google types, whereas Cursor (Anysphere) are a team of 8 and seem very busy already :slight_smile: So I anticipate it might not be as mature as Cursor? I mean on the face of it, it sounds very promising.

I also hate Discord and I am super grateful Cursor chose Discourse (Thank you for having an actual forum! - #3 by

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Thanks for sharing! I just gave continuum a ~3 min test.

I think what they are doing moves even further away from my ideal workflow. I already feel like I’m a monkey copying and pasting with Cursor - with continuum that would be even worse.

I want no UX. I want agents. I want to talk to my computer and have it make working apps. No buttons to click. No need to even be physically in front of my computer. (I’m sure there are a lot of “no-code” enthusiasts who would love continuum, but that’s not me.)

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Gottcha thanks for the report.

What do you mean “I would like cursor to be unbeatable at small codebases”?

Are you saying Cursor performs better on big codebase than small codebases? That sounds counter-intuitive (I’m a newbie here, just trying to understand before I get started) but could you please enlighten me.

What do you guys call small versus big codebases/projects? Could you put rough numbers on these categories?

I’m a single guy with regular projects so I’m trying to assess whether I belong to small or medium or large projects? (probably small but I’ll figure that out from the figures you provide)