Cursor Slow Requests Timeout

Good Morning,

This is the second day in a row now that the paid subscription for cursor when using gpt 4 in interpreter mode and general chat’s is just return the “too many requests”. I understand that it might be exactly the case that there are too many requests, but surely at least 5 out of 200 prompts should go through?

Is this happening when you try to chat with the AI normally, or does your workflow involve sending more requests than usual?

Curiously I’m able to have a normal chat with either of the 4 models perfectly, but in line code edit and interpreter mode (which I’ve been using for the last week more often) is just either dead slow or timing out. I’ve been using the normal chat more now, but after seeing some of interpreter modes capabilities it’s a big miss :slight_smile: I’m also still relatively new to the language I’m getting help on, so interpreter mode has been an absolute joy, except now since this week Monday.