Cursors new "computing search queries" is timing out

when it works, the new “computing search queries” mode of chat gives great answers. but a solid % of the time (maybe 10-20% of my work today), it just times out without any response. it shows what it is thinking, but the chat never completes a response.

any way you can give it more time to think? i’m on the enterprise account.


are others seeing this? it’s driving me nuts and other than that there is a general correlation between the complexity of the prompt and the likelihood of it timing out, i have no idea what to do differently…

Hi Raymond.

Could you give me a screenshot of the prompt you use / some steps to reproduce this problem?

I’m going to look into this on my side.

I have the same issue.

This feature is awesome but it hasn’t been working 99% of the time for me.

edit: Currently running version 0.20.2

at least for me, I noticed that whenever I add a folder as context, it starts thinking with computing search queries but then deletes itself after it is done with the grey text.

edit: It seems like it is consistently failing on the second prompt that I have a folder as context. It always fails after finishing the grey text of the computing search queries.

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I will retry to reproduce this on myside! will focus on @folder and cmd-enter style failures!

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thanks for checking!

Let me know if you would like me to help identify the issue on my end, I have been having this issue consistently.

Here are some screenshots for example

The search queries doesn’t even finish and then it gets erased

ah, we will fix this for you asap!

To be clear, can you always reproduce with the following steps:

  1. Open a new chat with GPT-4
  2. Prompt a question with a folder
  3. Prompt a second question with the same folder

(We have a hunch of what was going wrong here and made a change to address but please let us know if you see this again!)

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yes. that’s correct.

for the first prompt with the folder as context, it doesn’t seem to use the computing search queries but then on the second prompt with the same folder it does use it and then the problem shows up.

I believe this has been fixed now. I have been using it for a while and this hasn’t happen once.

Thanks team

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