Cursor Symlinks disrupting both Code and Cursor commands

So I can point directly to executables. But this symlink still appears. How can I get rid of it? There is no apps folder within resources of cursor. Seems like a bug, but the symlinks make me unable to fix it.

another user with the exact same issue and the exact same way of reproducing it.


Did you find any fix to this?

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  • For VS code command to work reorder the “code” command above the “cursor” command in your system environment variables.

  • For Cursor :

I just updated the cursor file which is located in the path “/c/Users/pc_username/AppData/Local/Programs/cursor/resources/app/bin/”

  • removed /… from VSCODE_PATH variable
  • updated last variables to be:
ELECTRON_RUN_AS_NODE=1 "$ELECTRON" --ms-enable-electron-run-as-node "$@"
exit $?

can you pls explain in detail?

Hello Hari,
Which part do you want me to explain?