Can not using "code" or "cursor" command to open folder

I installed Cursor and was allowed to “install cursor command” but when I try to open with the “cursor” command in the terminal it does not work.
Unfortunately, the “code” command to open with VS code doesn’t work either, Is it a conflict when I installed the “cursor” command? How can I resolve that?

This is the error when running “code .”

Unable to determine app path from symlink: /c/Users/admin/AppData/Local/Programs/cursor/resources/app/bin/code

This is the error when running “cursor .”

/c/Users/admin/AppData/Local/Programs/cursor/resources/app/bin/cursor: line 62: /c/Users/admin/AppData/Local/Programs/cursor/resources/app/bin/…/cursor: No such file or directory