Cursor team, can you please share a demo vid with each feature release?

From afar it feels like you are developing killer features for yourselves that make sense when you’re in a room together.

When I figure out what these features are I also think they’re killer. :grinning:

The problem is that they are released with little explanation.

This also means that if a feature is not working, it’s harder for me to know if it’s a bug or I’m not using it correctly.

‘Logprobs linter’:

OK, so this runs whenever I save the file…
Where will I see the output?

AI Preview
What notes will it show?
What do they look like in the UI?
Which files does this work on?
Which does it not work on?
Is it only in code tabs?
Is it also in terminal?

I’m not asking for detailed documentation.
I understand that alpha and beta releases aren’t about that.
I’m asking for a 10 second gif with each release demo’ing it.
I think this would help me, and I suspect other devs, a lot.



Echo this thought. AI preview didn’t work for me initially either until I realized that it only works on certain symbols. Logprobs linter still doesn’t work, tried enabling, tried saving a file, even tried using the command palette option that says “enable logprobs heatmap” - not of these options seem to work.


The logprobs linter was a soft release, while AI previews was a wider one.

For AI previews, see here:

For the logprobs linter, would love to figure out what the bug is for you. If you open the network tab and filter the requests for “linter”, what do you see (this is my screen)

the UX is very unintuitive at the moment, but we will improve it a lot for the linter!


For AI previews, see here:

Nice, this brings it to life for me. Thanks. :+1:

Do you think releasing a 10 second demo gif for soft releases is worthwhile? :upside_down_face:
Do you think releasing a 10 second demo gif for wider releases is worthwhile? :upside_down_face:

Apologies, we will be doing a much better job with gifs/videos for future releases


Thanks for engaging with this request. Could you give some details of where logprobs shows its output?

I still can’t seem to figure out how to trigger the AI notes features, how exactly am I suppose to trigger it?

I hovered over the variable and hold shift for long time but see nothing, I also tried with selecting the variable and then pressing the shift key.

Ditto, no clue how to get it to work

Seconding this, it would be really, really nice to get some more information when functionality is added or when core functionality undergoes significant changes between versions.

It feels like we often see huge reversals in how functionality works between one build and the next, or sweet new features being added that are really vaguely defined, with the change log only briefly mentioned these changes if at all.

The biggest example for me was with copilot++ switching from being tied to a key to running automatically, which wasn’t documented for months. The shift between “we usually run this and github copilot at the same time” to “it overrides github copilot” was never really explained as far as I can tell.

I understand that documenting these changes and keeping the existing documentation up to date can be a tedious part of the development process, especially when building at such a fast pace as Cursor has been.

However, I would greatly appreciate more attention being given to a) documenting these changes and b) ensuring that the existing documentation remains current.

The gif suggestion is a great one and would go a long way to helping out - especially if they’re included in the change notes. For a bit of inspiration here, The Browser Company / Arc are shipping amazing new things every week, and do an incredible job of sharing their release notes: a mini overview with pics and gifs, gifs via twitter, quick round up vids, and text release notes.

It’s hard with a small team, but when you’re shipping fast it’s more important than ever to bring us along for the ride.


@eugene Appreciate the feedback and agree we could be a lot better here. We’re a small team (much much smaller than the browser co I believe!) and trying to find a balance between everything we could focus on.

Our immediate plan is to put more instructions in the changelog and post some feature videos more often.

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@nishant @zerk1 Does it work if you enable it in the “More” tab beside Chat?

Absolutely - they clearly put a lot of work, time, and care into that part of the process. Not expecting nearly as much from Cursor, but it’s a great example of how update documentation can be done really well, and how well it’s received in turn by the community.

Keep up the great work - you’re shipping amazing things. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have it enabled there and it still doesn’t do anything.

Hi @zerk1, for the current state of AI preview, you need to move your cursor on a symbol, and hold shift in order to trigger the AI preview popup. Please let me know if this still doesn’t work, and I will fix any bugs you have right away!

the short twitter videos are amazing! even a few seconds to show us mere mortals how we are supposed to wield this powerful weapon would be greatly appreciated!

one idea to make it not so much work would be for you to have a channel here where those are cross-posted. (for example, llamaindex just has a webhook bot that posts every tweet into a specific “blog” channel of their discord. )


I second the Idea of demo videos.
Why, you could ask… :slight_smile:
So… when I use cursor I feel like there is a lot of features but most of it is hidden behind some curtain.
You guys spend a lot of time on developing Cursor, I really appreciate this, and cursor is an awesome tool. BUT… there should be a bit more focus on showing people how to use these awesome features, otherwise it is meaningless to have features when people don’t use them just because can not find them.
I have tried to look for some kind of documentation od your website, but there is not much of this.
So what I propose:

  • please make a short video ( 10-20 sec ) for each feature of cursor. This should include all needed information to use it, which usually is when to click, what key combinations to press and what information provide. This should not be much work, just record video when you use cursor, should take less than an hour :slight_smile:

  • please more usage hints to inform user what funcionalities are available at he moment in a particular window,
    the hints which are done already are a very good thing, for example “Ctrl+L to chat, Ctrl+K to generate” is nice. There should be more things like this.

And once again, it is awesome tool, good work ! :+1: