Cursor with Unity

Hi. I’m a Unity developer making mobile games. I was using chatGPT for coding for a while and Rider as IDE but your editor seems to be a good alternative
But I really miss some introduction videos to get started. I can ask questions in the chat and code is produced but it’s almost same as using chatGPT in browser. Here’s what i want

  1. Make cursor read the whole project (or folder) not a single script to understand dependencies
  2. Be able to create new files (scripts) in the project automatically if chatGPT suggests it
  3. Automatically apply changes that chatGPT suggests to the code
    Any help is appreciated!

Hi have you tried it in unity by now? If yes, how did you manage to sync them, I added it to the unity external tools but whenever I double click an error in the Console it will just open the script but not open and go to the line that has error, and it doesn’t know it has error because there’s no red underline.