Dash problems with hot reload, and Auto-select of erroring code in debugger is bad ux

If I’m typing in a dash app while the debugger is up, the hot reload doesn’t work. I can just paste a comment and it’ll still error out

Exception has occurred: SystemExit
  File "/home/myhome/PycharmProjects/myapp/main.py", line 26, in <module>
    app.run_server(host='', debug=debug, threaded=False)
SystemExit: 3

The desired functionality is for the app to reload, like it does in Pycharm (and probably other IDEs)

Whats worse about this problem is that the line with the error is selected, “app.run_server(host=‘’, debug=debug, threaded=False)”
so if I’m typing (which I always am, because thats what triggers the error) it’ll delete the selected text. So I always have to undo, every time. I’ve been using hot reload of dash apps for quite a while, so its been a struggle stopping the app manually before I start typing every time now

To reproduce
start a dash app, have it running
type anything, anywhere, and keep typing
watch the app.run_server line get erased

Thanks for pointing this out to us and sorry for the inconvenience.

Could you give me some more information about this bug. Mainly:

  • Do you still have a problem running the app without the debugger?
  • do you get the same bug in vscode or is it limited to only Cursor?

Just seeing your response sorry

  • Its only a problem with the hot-reload. Nothing related to running the app without the debugger.
  • I’ve never used vscode not through cursor, no idea

Still has been an ongoing problem