Debug C# with Breakpoints

Vsdbg only works with Microsoft’s VS Code, so how can I debug with Cursor?

I’m trying to debug a unit test and have tried Samsung’s netcoredbg but couldn’t get that to work with the test task. There are several posts on this forum about the lack of debugging but no answer, so is there any way to step through C# code/hit breakpoints with Cursor?


I’m surprised no one else has had this issue. Or is there another place to discuss Cursor?

The issue is same to this topic that I posted before. take a look !

No, I’ve met this problem in the past

Hi @tangjun , have you tried Samsung’s netcoredbg? That might resolve the issue you’re having. I’m trying to debug a unit test but cannot get this alternative debugger to work with that. It looks like it should be possible, but I don’t know enough about tasks.json to figure it out.

Can anyone help with this?

No, I have not tried Samsung’s debugger, even I haven’t heard that. Thank you for your advice, I’ll try it later.

Anyone managed to make the Samsung debugger work?