Does Pylance just not work with Cursor? How to get imports in quick fix menu?

I’m so confused. I had to reinstall windows so I exported my profile. Before the reinstall, I could use pylance (unless I’m losing my mind here) and use the quick fix box to fix import errors by importing the code in question. Now after the reinstall pylance doesn’t work and reading the forum threads it seems like it shouldn’t have been working before for me either. Jedi and Pyright, from what I can tell, do not have the imports-in-quick-fix-box feature so I’m not sure what to do here as I can’t program without this.

Did I hallucinate pylance working? I was on the same cursor version yesterday on the old OS install, not like it was 6 months ago.

Edit: Seems like what’s likely the case is that the version of pylance I had installed was a release prior to Microsofts decision to not allow its usage outside of VS code. I found some possible fixes here that can hopefully be applied to cursor too:

Edit2: the above fixes didnt work for me but I found a fork of pyright that has a lot of the pylance features including the one I needed in case anyone else stumbles upon this thread:

Looking at my Python Cursor setup now I see that I’m using Pylance v2023.10.40.

A question for the Cursor folks - is that currently the recommending solution: to just keep using that version?

Or should we be using the Open VSX ‘BasedPyright’ extension that you’ve linked above?

I’m finding Cursor to be valuable but the bugginess/quirkiness is a bit disturbing so I want to stay on a beaten path as much as possible.