Downgrade Request(From GPT-4 Turbo to regular GPT-4)

Hello, today I subscribed to the Pro version of your service, and now your AI editor is providing incomplete code (likely due to GPT-4 Turbo). When I press the ‘Accept Edit’ button, the number of code lines in the project reduces from 400 to 70, and most functions are replaced with placeholders. Yesterday (when I was using the free tier of your service) this did not happen. Please give me the option to immediately use the slower version of GPT-4.

Wait, GPT-4 Turbo has been released for Cursor? or are you using your own API?

These are my assumptions based on a tweet by an OpenAI employee who said they know about a bug that causes GPT-4 not Turbo to produce full code (I couldn’t find this tweet).

I’ve seen a few OpenAI employees talking about this on twitter - I assumed it only affects ChatGPT, not the API that cursor uses as that doesn’t change