GPT-4/4o seems to ignore asks to only show relevant code

Every time I ask it to correct something in the code or make a suggestion how to improve something in the file, instead of highlighting a relevant part of the code, it repeats the entire file in the answer, almost always hitting the maximum char response limit.

Moreover, it’s rarely highlighting that relevant part like GPT-4 normally does with comments.

You know, like

var = false // set this to false

that sort of thing.

Does anybody experience something like this? Is this model specific issue or Cursor?


Yes, I have the same problem. I’ve stopped bothering trying to use it cause it’s so annoying.

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Same issue, and applying the code doesn’t works when we have to click “continue”

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Actually happens with the GPT-4 model as well. Sometimes just explicitly asking to not to overflow the limit helps, but only sometimes.

+1. Hope this is fixed. I went back to basic GPT-4 because of this, even though its a lot more money. (Im using openrouter api but it sounds like this problem is universal).

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Same. It works (with apply), but I sooo lose track on the actual diff, that I got back to GPT-4 turbo.

Apply model is awesome, BTW!!

Applying the code doesn’t work in any llm for me.

Nothing happens when I click on the apply button.

I agree with it writing the entire code file for one line of correction. This happens with visual studio copilot ALOT! So much so that I did have to move over to cursor and vs code

Just increased the generation token limit for everyone! You should see this a lot less now.

Would also help a lot if you could send me your request ids where this happened. I will look into debugging the prompt for it

I actually noticed lately this is not just 4o, but regular GPT-4 model.

I’m explicitly asking it to only show relevant parts of the code (multiple times, lol), and yet it copy-pastes the entire file without highlighting anything even with comments, inevitably hitting the limit:

CleanShot 2024-06-09 at 12.35.58
CleanShot 2024-06-09 at 12.36.08

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