Enabling the agent feature

In a video on youtube I saw someone using the agent feature but the tab doesn’t appear when I use the app. Is there a way to enable it? I’m using the AppImage on debian.


For sure!!! absolutely desired feature.
that I was going to post a feature request for it by mentioning the New AI Project feature that exists in the File menu.
Like making it a persistent feature for Prompting AI to edit/create/manage files and code by itself.

It would save tons of amount time for the user.


Agent is really good thing but if you’ve used and worked with agents before you know that most of them are not ready for production and to be used by so many people.
there still so many bugs and miss leading and problems there imo.

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Ofcourse, you shouldn’t use it for code reliability.
It can be used for simple things, like renaming a variable, or changing a similar logic in multiple files.

I don’t like the idea of AI creating a full project at all.