Enhancing Document Handling Capabilities

I would like to see improvements in the cursor’s document (DOC) functionality. For example, when I try to create a document for the Assistance API and send an address, if the Assistance API consists of about 10 pages and they are not interlinked, I can only retrieve one page. I understand this limitation, but internally, I would like to have some way to…
Specifically, I would like the ability to register multiple URL addresses in a single document (which can be done manually).

With thanks to all the developers for their excellent work.

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I’ve resolved issue. Initially, I was using the top page address as the input, which resulted in only a single page being created. However, by entering the address one level above the top page, even if the links were not directly connected, the function was able to crawl through all the layers of that address and successfully create a comprehensive document.