Enhancing the Review Feature with Flexible Base Branch Selection

Hello Cursor.sh Community,

I’ve been exploring the platform’s review feature, where the AI assists by reviewing the differences with the main branch. This functionality is incredibly useful and streamlines the code review process significantly. However, I’ve noticed that the main branch is currently hardcoded as the default for these comparisons, without an option for us to change it.

I believe we could enhance this feature by introducing the ability to select a different base branch for the AI to compare against. This flexibility would be particularly beneficial for projects that utilize multiple active branches for development, allowing for a more tailored and efficient review process.

Implementing this change could potentially increase the usability and adaptability of the review feature, making it even more valuable for our diverse workflows. I’m keen to hear the community’s thoughts on this suggestion and any additional ideas on how we can continue to improve this tool.

Looking forward to your feedback and insights!



Hey why dont i have this review tab? Im on cursor pro

This would be absolutely great! I am normally branching into dev. Really missing this feature…