ETA on VS Code 1.86 upgrade?

Hi there!

Is there an ETA on when Cursor’s VS code version will be updated to 1.86? There’s an annoying bug related to pin editor shortcuts that was fixed in this release: Pin editor keyboard shortcut sometimes doesn't work · Issue #200305 · microsoft/vscode · GitHub.

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Hi! We usually wait 1-2 weeks post-VS Code release to merge the changes in, because they often have one or two hotfixes for each release.

It’s good to know that this upgrade is more desired than others. We’ll merge it in asap, and then merge in eventual hotfixes too. Conservative estimate end-of-week.

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Perfect, thank you!

Small update here: the latest VS Code release caused problems for a lot of users (Workaround for machines that do not have `glibc` >= 2.28 · Issue #203375 · microsoft/vscode · GitHub). They have now released 1.86.1 to fix this problem, but we’ll wait for a day or two to see if new issues come up before merging.


Hi! Any updates on this? (Sorry to bother, thought I’d ask since the timeline seemed relatively short based on the previous message)

I believe the plan is to make the merge this week @arvid220u?

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Update 0.28 is on VSC version 1.86 now.

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