Excessive memory use

I’m running cursor on my computer and since I have a beefy mac I don’t always notice the excessive memory usage from cursor. However sometimes when I need RAM for other processes, my attention is pulled to cursor, typically using 15+gb of memory. I never have more than 5-6 cursor windows open, and each project is ~400mb (never more than 10-15 tabs per window though). Is there anything I can do to keep the memory usage at bay?

For example, today I had 6 windows open and my Activity monitor displayed at least 70 active processes Cursor Helper (Plugin) totaling at least 20gb


Do you maybe have any heavy terminal processes running within Cursor?

An extension could be doing this too. Does this occur with all extensions disabled?

Agree with Jacob.

Definitely worth disabling old extensions you don’t use anymore.

That reduced my memory usage by a lot.

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