Exporting and Renaming "Chats"

I want to store my understanding of code somewhere else as documentation, can you guys provide a way to export the chat and also to rename them so that we can keep track of which chat has which questions rather than just the first question. Thank you


That’s a good suggestion. I’ll note it down.


+1 for this feature, especially considering that the code blocks do not get selected when you manually select text by dragging (so the entire chat cannot be copy/pasted together, need to separately copy the “conversation” and the “code”).

more and more, i’m finding that as i get better at giving cursor the right docs and references, the chats are incredibly valuable resources/references for the future. in many cases, the chat is better documentation than the official docs i’m @-ing

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even the ability to search prior chat history would be a major performance booster for me personally


My conversation histories are me trying to figure out the right thing to look at and the right way to say how I want to solve a problem.

I just spent a dollar on API calls trying figure out how to use databases in FastUI.

I want those chat logs so I can analyze and learn about how I learn from them.

I understand this data is valuable and it’s understandable the founders don’t want to go out of their way to give it away.

As writing code becomes more and more like writing an essay, the amount of people that will be able to solve their problems with code will increase exponentially.

The ‘grammarly’ of computer programming


I suggest that, add a new feature button on the chat panel’s top right corner, like copy as markdown


this would be great!

Would @'ing previous conversations solve this issue?

Or the ability to tag @previous_chats in general (we’d use retrieval to get the conversations/messages that would best help answer your question)

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btw - it appears that renaming chats is broken. should i file a bug report? you can rename the chats, but they don’t save as the new name.

Sorry for getting back this late, but just pushed a fix and will be included in the next release!

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+1000 for “copy as markdown”.

in the meantime, i will explore this workaround: [Guide][5 steps] Exporting chats & prompts from Cursor - #2 by raw.works

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