Any way to export chats with gpt in cursor?

hey guys, i’m really loving cursor pro so far, just wanted to ask if there’s any way to export my chat conversations in cursor currently? does this feature exist? if not, any plans to build it?

really need this feature so I can search through past conversations easily

thanks! :slight_smile:


Appreciate the kind words! How would you want this feature to work? Export to a set of MD files? A link that you can send to someone that people can use to view your chat? Something else?


@truell20 nothing fancy, i don’t really need a link for sharing - just looking for a way to export chats from my cursor workspaces locally.

  1. tbh, even a basic JSON for each chat is fine! if i had an “export chats from this workspace” button that creates a folder somewhere on my computer with each chat from the workspace stored as a separate json file is good enough.
    would also be helpful to include which gpt model was called for each response if you can.

  2. now that i think about it, a markdown file with all the chats from the workspace concatenated into one file would also make it very easy for searching.

i’m sure others can relate to this feeling as well - i often find myself wasting a lot of time scrolling through past chats trying to look for a specific code snippet or explanation that gpt-4 gave me sometime ago because i don’t remember which conversation it was in…
if I could export chats, I can just ctrl+F to find what i was looking for. would be even better if i could do this directly in cursor, but very basic export functionality is all i need.

thank you for making cursor!!


Appreciate you sending over that detail :smiley:

To you only want the export functionality for searching? Or for another usecase too? If just for searching, we could probably build that directly into the chat.

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If you guys build a ctrl + F over the current project chats, it would save me so much time every week, seriously!

Search is really what I need but I suggested an export because I can do it myself if I had access to the chat files locally. I really waste so much time because I just forget which chats had what code snippets saved haha.

I also wanted to try building a semantic search for my code base as a personal project. If I could get semantic results ranked directly on cursor, that would be amazing! I’m learning to fine-tune LLMs and I really want more training data of the way I ask questions so I can build a personal project :slight_smile:

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Hey. I have just started using Cursor, but my understanding is that it in fact can work as a substitute for ChatGPT in many cases. For example, you can ask it to write a poem, check spelling, etc, that has nothing to do with programming.

In ChatGPT, I have been using a Tampermonkey script to export full conversations, not just ChatGPT replies (there are many other conversation export plugin alternatives, I don’t think this is the best one e.g. it doesn’t manage conversation trees / regenerations – this is just what I’ve happened to use): GitHub - pionxzh/chatgpt-exporter: Export and Share your ChatGPT conversation history

I would love to have this kind of functionality in Cursor, to export chat replies (via copy button) and chat conversation to file formats or the clipboard – of course especially suited for handling code – but also any kind of conversation.

Here is a screenshot to give you the idea:

“Markdown” will export the conversation to an .md file, and “Copy Text” will copy the Markdown to the clipboard. (This is not the format of the clipboard export I would use, but just to give you an idea):

Make a short poem, 2 lines. Make the initial word bold, and give the poem a title in header.

### The Whisper of Time

**Time** slips away like sand,\
Yet leaves its mark, forever grand.

Another one.

### Dance of the Night

**Stars** twinkle in the sky so bright,\
Guiding dreamers through the night.

A similar suggestion to this thread is the ability to select and copy-paste from Chat full response (mix of text and code blocks) in Markdown format.

Any news on this? Can you not just provide copying the full chat (as Markdown) to begin with? This would be a great first step - without needing to build a fully-fledged share functionality immediately. @truell20