File is too long for Cursor to edit

I’ve been using Cursor extensively and managed to create complex system all while knowing only the basics of the programming which is fascinating but I’ve come to a point where I Can’t use the auto edit feature of Cursor as it says “File is too long”.

Is there a workaround for that or another version I can toggle perhaps that will let you use the auto editor from the chat? I found that if I select the whole code and use the editor there with ctrl+k while saying “keep the current code, just update with following :” it can work sometimes but not consistently.


Yeah, the 250 line file limit in interpreter mode is a downer. I hope they can improve on this!
Meantime, I am having to split up larger files into these line sizes. :slightly_frowning_face:

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It’s been upped to 400. Odd thing is, it was working with long files and suddenly it started with the limit. Perhaps I’ve hit some unwritten limit and been downgraded w/out a warning.

I wish it was a bit more transparent.

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This just started happening to me this morning too. FWIW, I did update this morning. It was working just fine last night.

Just got this limitation today and am extremely frustrated. My core business logic file is 1,000 lines and now I can’t use the main feature of Cursor on it? Tried both GPT4o as well as Claude.
Over the past months I’ve been using Cursor so much I have 2 subscriptions for the volume - but now it seems like we’re seeing the real limits of the system. I knew it was too good to be true - first the project setup feature and now these restrictions.

Have been using Cursor for 1 week now, on the Pro trail. Was just about to buy a 1 year subscription when I got hit my the 400 limit.
Funny thing is I have been doing other scripts the past week that are 800 lines and more. But now I hit the limit with my new script.

Is this something new?
Is there some way to remove it? Can I buy pro or use own API to remove the limitation.

For me this renders this application useless. 400 lines is nothing. I thought I found the perfect coding software but now I have to rethink this is this can not be removed or other ways to work with my scripts.

Any suggestions or alt software that works ?

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This has just started happening to me (fairly new user). I agree that there must be a hidden number of uses for files longer than the ‘regular’ limit. This limit wasn’t made obvious to me before I paid either.

I find this a bit gross TBH. I’ve just paid for a year with the Apply feature being one of the main reasons for doing so, and now I can’t use the thing in the way it was presented.

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