Future Job Applications asking for AI Programmers?

I was just wondering, what’s your thoughts on creating job applications that don’t require ML or Frontend or Backend or whatever specific programmers, but only general programmers that use AI tools such as cursor ?

Do you think that is dangerous or the future ?

Personally I have created a pretty complex react native app in my own SQL server on google cloud with Python Flask APIs hosted on Render, Stripe for payments and also run a ML algorithm for image prediction. I don’t know how to manually code, I just can understand the general concept

Like if I were to hire a programmer to help me create more apps with cursor, uuuhm wtf do I put in the requirements ?

All i know for sure is that my app is working great

Sounds like you’re looking for generic problem solving ability. TBH i dont think the job market knows how to advertise or hire for this specifically. You’ll still need to list requirements to get any decent applicants, but even that wont necessarily get you somebody who can generalize well.

My advice is to specify that you want familiarity with AI coding tools, such as copilot, GPT4, cursor etc… Experience with the frameworks/tech you’re using is still important though (at least to the point of being able to test things work as expected).

Sound advice, I guess a mix of the tech stack Plus AI coding tools experience could be optimal. It’s just that I still haven’t seen any job in the market searching for programmers with experience with AI tools, not even in startups (YC Jobs) and I am not sure if I am the crazy one here, or if I am too early to this kind of job postings. Anyways thank you for your comment

I think it’ll be expected in future but to perform successfully the programmer would have to hold some frontend/backend knowledge to properly debug when the AI tool got stuck. Otherwise, they’d just be stuck. I also think agentic AI tools will become a lot more common.

Unfortunately, I suspect job postings would be standardized against a corporate AI tool offering. For example, even though Github copilot is worse than cursor.sh, it might be expected that programmers would use that and not anther tool – to protect business proprietary information. This sucks because cursor.sh is way better. But forcing subpar tooling on programmers is a pretty common trend.

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asking for a mathematician that doesn’t use a calculator.