Gpt4-o in Cursor is not giving the same quality answers as normal Gpt4o in other platforms

Something is wrong. For some reason I am getting 2 different responses in 2 different universes it seems.

In cursor using gpt4o the responses are vauge. sometimes it gets lazy and just starts spitting out comments and suggestions rather than code.

If I use GPT4o on the main site or even with POE, I get super detailed, accurate answers with steps and explanations

Perfect example. Here is my question on both platform versions
This is an ion menu in Ionic Angular. Notice how the

1. Toolbar has text but it is barely visible
2. There should be a menu icon in the toolbar but that is not visible
3. There should be an Image centered right above the toolbar text but it is not visible
4. The list appears at the bottom of the menu instead of the top of the menu

Please help me fix this layout using Ionic Angular. Do not use Ion-Content. use an Angular equivalent

Cursor Answer:

  • Resize the image to fit within the toolbar.

  • Add a bars icon to toggle the sidenav.

  • Ensure the ion-list is at the top of the ion-menu.

Then proceeds to list code that I already have in place.

> POE/Main GPT Answer:

To address the issues you’ve described in your Ionic Angular application, you can make the following changes to your HTML and CSS. These changes will ensure the toolbar text is visible, the menu icon and image are displayed, and the list appears at the top of the menu.

First, let’s update the HTML. Ensure your toolbar, menu icon, image, and list are correctly structured:


Key Points:

  1. Toolbar Text Visibility: The background color and text color of the toolbar are set to ensure the text is visible.
  2. Menu Icon Visibility: The ion-menu-button is correctly placed inside the ion-buttons element.
  3. Image Visibility: The image is centered and placed inside a div with appropriate styling.
  4. List Position: The list is set to appear at the top of the menu.

These changes should address the reported issues in your Ionic Angular application without using ion-content. Adjust the CSS values as needed to match your design requirements.

Just look at that difference alone. Cursor never gave explanation in Keypoints, Never even thought about giving css changes and only recommended changes.

My System rules are just plain default in cursor

What is going on here?


Would love to dig into this example to figure out what’s going on! do you mind running this chat and then hitting cmd-shift-P and typing “Report Latest Chat as Bad”?

Sure no problem will do later

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I have reported it just now at 3:04pm mountain time

Prompt is here

  1. Analyze this image tell me what you see
  2. Create a page using Ionic Angular that represents this image exactly as it is seen

I’ve seen a chart on Twitter where they state GPT-4o gets 10-20% higher scores for some tasks with a temperature of 1.0 compared to 0.0, however they opted for not being able to set the temperature manually.

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I have just submitted a chat to you. I am getting a completely different and WRONG response from Claude on

I have also pm’ed you the same question and response from the chat on Claude.AI.

Claude.AI is much much better and it is geared towards generic responses. Something is wrong. Are you all adjusting the system prompts in the AI backend in cursor?