How can I navigate Cursor chat with keyboard?

When I type my first query, Cursor gives its answer and it goes beneath the bottom of my screen.

I want to use ‘page down’ to follow the answer, but I can’t.

Are there any other ways to do navigate Cursor chat with keyboard alone?

Note, I don’t want the answer to constantly scroll to show the latest characters Cursor is writing though.
ChatGPT does this and its annoying because the text you’re reading keeps moving up a line.

Hi @Jakob

Is there any chance you could help with this please?

(I do pay for a subscription :stuck_out_tongue:).

To shed more light on it, I’ve attached gifs:


I call this ‘expected’ because it’s what happens on a youtuber’s video.
It’s still not great for me because I’d rather it didn’t keep scrolling.
I’d rather use page down, page up etc.
But it would still be an improvement! :slightly_smiling_face:
Expected - A youtuber whose Cursor works correctly (it scrolls)

@Jakob Is there any chance you could help with this please? :pray:

Tab / Shift + Tab should work.

Thanks. Unfortunately that doesn’t work, because there isn’t always something to tab to.

I’ve hacked something together to fix this for now, by using AutoHotKey.