How do I give cursor a filtered codebase ? (not every single file)

I assume its a waste having it look at everything so theres must be a way to do this? … for example I just need it to look inside ‘src’ and just the *.cs files

You can use the .cursorignore to configure this! It works just like a .gitignore

in that case I coudl just use the .gitignore contents since its almost all the non source code stuff right ?

Oh wow , didnt know .cursorignore was a thing, does it respect .gitignore too?

yep! respects gitignore too. i believe you should be able to override the gitignore in the cursor ignore if you’d like that too

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are you saying if there is a .gitignore it wil luse THAT already ? (dont need .cursorignore)

Yep! If you already have a gitignore you don’t need the cursorignore, unless you want to exclude additional files on top of your gitignore.