How do I run ffmpeg from bash mode?

I have ffmpeg installed on my Mac. However, when I run it from the Bash Mode, Cursor somehow does not recognize the path to the command. It seems to me the Bash Mode is running in a containerized environment. How can I install necessary packages to the environment where the Bash Mode is running?

Bash mode uses /bin/sh for now! Will push an update to have it use your default shell.

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Thank you so much for the reply! Using default shell in the bash mode will be a great boon to Cursor.

This is available in the latest version (0.13.3)! Uses the default shell.

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@truell20 Confirmed the change! It might be my fault, but even after running “source ~/.zshrc”, Cursor does not properly recognize PATH in the default shell. It shows totally different values when I run echo $PATH from the terminal and Cursor. Any thought?