How Does AI Linting Work? Where Are the Problems Displayed?

I’ve asked for help with this all over the place over the past few weeks and I’m hoping someone here might finally be able to assist me: I can’t figure out the AI Linting feature. It appears to be working (screenshot below), but I don’t see any problems being reported anywhere (and I’ve tested by creating clear errors for the AI Linter to find). VSC Language Features, ESLint and SonarLint all post to the Problems panel; does the AI Linting feature post what it finds somewhere else, or have I configured it incorrectly?

Hi! AI linting was a feature we experimented with a while back. Unfortunately, it wasn’t really useful enough, so we turned off the backend for it.

The next update will remove the UI for it too to make it less confusing.

Some day, it will come back and be really useful!

Ohhh! Okay. Makes sense, you can pretty much do all you’d expect to be able to do via that feature with the AI integration already in place.

(Though removing the UI element would indeed be less confusing :slight_smile: )

Thanks for your help!

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