How does the Command-Dot lint error fix option work?

Saw this in the recent changelog:

Command-dot: you can now use the Command-dot menu to have Command-K fix lint errors inline.

I’m looking at a lint error and I do see the “AI fix in chat” option, but pressing command-dot doesn’t open an option to fix it inline. Is there an example I can see around how this works?

Hey! Are you on 0.15.x? The feature should look like the below.

Screenshot 2023-11-11 at 2.52.34 PM

it doesn’t work

I am using Version: 0.15.1


Yep, I’m on 0.15.1 and don’t see it. I’m not on nightly btw, in case that makes a difference.

Cursor Version:

What I see under quickfix and on hover:

It’s only enabled on severe errors right now (vscode.DiagnosticSeverity.Error). Does it not show up for any errors for you?

Aha! Yep, does show up on errors but not lint warnings like in my screenshot.