If i add openrouter it says THE provided api key is invalid

Same here, is there a way to downgrade to 0.35.0 until this is resolved?

im using continue.dev for vsc currently. its probably the same as cursor ai

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Might have to try that in the meantime, seeing as downgrading sadly didn’t fix it.

Same here. It was working with these settings until yesterday.

Then it stopped working

Not sure if this is related to updating to
Version: 0.35.1
VSCode Version: 1.89.1
Commit: a915e3254b1192ce240c078da83fc1768a6e3e90
Date: 2024-06-21T23:14:50.455Z
Electron: 28.2.8
ElectronBuildId: undefined
Chromium: 120.0.6099.291
Node.js: 18.18.2
OS: Linux x64 6.9.5-zen1-1-zen

EDIT: The error happens only, if I choose an Anthropic model. With gpt-4o the API key is working.

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