Including Sonnet/Haiku for Pro Users


Firstly I do want to give praise to Cursor so far, it has been incredibly useful as a dev, and has been enhanced with the Opus integration so far.

I wanted to ask if it was possible to add Sonnet/Haiku as an option for Pro users (vs using an API key), as I’ve noticed that generally every model of Claude is contextually larger and less lazy than GPT-4 at the moment (not to mention Sonnet is cheaper that GPT-4 Turbo).

Considering that Opus technically is unlimited, having slowed down responses is slightly annoying sometimes, and I would argue that Sonnet does a great job for most tasks I would want to use with Opus.

This request might have already been implemented, but I haven’t renewed my Pro membership yet since I’m just using the API key at the moment.



+1 for Haiku, cheap, fast and good. Using Haiku with Cmd+K would speed up my workflow.


Haiku FTW.