Interpreter mode doesn't work on wsl2

Interpreter mode doesn’t give on wsl2 ubuntu

it works on windows 11 but gives this error on wsl2 ubuntu

bump, just wondering if I’m doing something wrong on my end or if this is a known issue that others have

Doesn’t work for me either.

Same problem here.

Same problem here.
When using the “WSL” extension., the ‘ide’ declaration is unknown.


This error did not occur when used without an SSH connection from Windows to WSL, and the system was used successfully.

I’ve documented some valuable context and additional debugging steps for the name 'ide' is not defined error here: IDE is not defined when using interpreter · Issue #1102 · getcursor/cursor · GitHub

Additionally, I’ve found a WSL2-specific bug that is the causing the error for me: Error running Interpreter Mode in WSL2: "No such file or directory" - CWD has wrong path separators · Issue #1383 · getcursor/cursor · GitHub

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