Is it possible to change "Quick Fix" actions order?

Is it possible to change the order of quick fix actions?
Cursor v0.15 started offering “Fix with AI” as the first action and usually it’s not what I want. I know I am only 1 extra click away from the desired action but I have to click it enough times per day that it gets annoying.
I’d rather remove this option from the menu completely.

Makes total sense. I don’t think there’s a way to disable it right now or change the order.

Same here! Many times I accidentally enter “Fix with AI” when using keyboard shortcuts, and it start spilling out fixes unintentionally. Would be great if this could be disabled - in my case I mostly use the Chat feature more than the inline fix.

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Thank you for the feedback! We will likely take this out or downrank it in the list.

In 0.19.0, Fix with AI will be at the bottom of the list!

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