Is there any way to have edits from the Chat panel get automatically actioned on the current file?

Hi, I’m loving using Cursor but unfortunately still finding that 90% of the time I’m still copy/pasting from chat - just not alt-tabbing to a different GPT-4 interface like I used to have to!

My experience is that most of the time, the command-K edit functionality isn’t powerful enough to make the changes I need so I use Chat, pull in other files and have a conversation etc. GPT-4 then helpfully writes eg. a new function or some changes to one in the Chat panel and then I have to copy/paste the relevant parts into the right parts of my file.

The truly killer feature I’d love would be a button to ‘automatically action’ the edits/changes that GPT-4 has suggested in Chat. Does that make sense? Is there any way of doing this in Cursor currently and/or is there a plan for it?



I would second that feature! I also really liked the possibility of the ctrl-k edit feature, especially with the show diffs and accept part. Unfortunately, after using it a few times, I also found myself in the position of using the chat most of the time. There I get an explanation and I can tweak its answers and my questions (with which I can also go back to previous prompts).

Would it be possible to have an accept/compare button next to the copy button for the chat output, that compares the code with the current open file? It feels like you already implemented this with the edit feature, only a search would be necessary? But if using ctrl-l chat feature whilst having selected text/code, this should definitely work just like the edit feature.

But I still feel like the ctrl-k edit feature is great. Any suggestion from someone of how I can make better use of it? Am I using it wrong or is it just better suited for other situations?

Thanks for the answers and the great work!

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The Chat might be given “powers” to execute a set of CTRL+K instructions.