Issue with CSS Peek Functionality in Cursor IDE Compared to VS Code

Hello everyone,

I’m encountering a problem related to the CSS Peek extension functionality within Cursor IDE. In Visual Studio Code, there’s a convenient feature that allows me to edit a CSS class directly through a popup when I click on it. However, I’ve noticed this isn’t possible in Cursor IDE.

Does anyone else experience this limitation with Cursor IDE? Are there any known workarounds or settings that could enable similar functionality as seen in VS Code? I would greatly appreciate any insights or suggestions on this matter.

Thank you!

The problem isn’t related to the extension. When I open the CSS Peek popup, I can edit code using the keyboard, but the mouse doesn’t work within the popup window. Is anyone else experiencing a similar issue with the mouse not functioning in the CSS Peek popup?

Yea, the Peek windows in Cursor somehow behave differently and editing code inside them is restricted. This is a bug. Thank you for the report.

Is there any chance that the problem will be resolved in the near future?