Keyboard bindings contains "when":"(arbitrary function)" and doesn't work

I’ve been trying out Cursor and it’s looking good, but the most common keyboard shortcuts used, like cmd+K and cmd+L doesnt work - maybe they collided with other ones when i imported settings from VS Code?

The “when” statement says “(arbitrary function)” in a lot of places, and the shortcuts don’t work.

What should i replace it with? Or just remove it?

{ “key”: “cmd+backspace”, “command”: “aichat.cancelchat”, “when”: “activeAIChatEditor || view == ‘workbench.panel.aichat.view’ && (arbitrary function)” },

{ “key”: “cmd+[Period]”, “command”: “cursor.aichat.toggleChatMode”, “when”: “(arbitrary function) && (arbitrary function)” },

{ “key”: “cmd+enter”, “command”: “cursorai.action.executeInterpreterAction”, “when”: “(arbitrary function)” },

{ “key”: “cmd+u”, “command”: “cursorai.action.retryInterpreterAction”, “when”: “activeAIChatEditor || view == ‘workbench.panel.aichat.view’ || (arbitrary function) && (arbitrary function)” },

{ “key”: “shift+cmd+backspace”, “command”: “aiInterfaceAgent.pauseInterfaceAgent”, “when”: “(arbitrary function)” },

{ “key”: “shift+cmd+enter”, “command”: “aiInterfaceAgent.startInterfaceAgent”, “when”: “(arbitrary function)” },

{ “key”: “shift+cmd+e”, “command”: “aichat.fixerrormessage”, “when”: “(arbitrary function)” }


Check out this: