Learning about AI agents.. Does Cursor AI use agents?

As I understands the big new thing in 2024 are agents talk can talk to each other and iterate… Does cursor AI already use them ?

The are actively experimenting with them Cursorbot: commit a PR from a GH issue - #3 by npour

I see. Seems to be the big thing in 2024. I am trying gpt pilot but that is a mess for trying to get it to do .net code

Agents are definitely a fun topic :slight_smile: This is a huge list here – no affiliation, just figured I’d share since I too find the topic to be intriguing.

i always end up being frustrated in the end and jumping from one tool to another… I wish someone would just tell me the best one and give me a one click installer.

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what one is quick and easy to get started? I have tried some but the installation is annoying … does not work. on the ui is just a command line… so waiting for one that is fun and easy and can tlak to my local llm on lmstudio

Hmm I think there’s gotta be some aspect of curiosity/fascination when it comes to this stuff. I think even now, in its current state, it’s all experimental at best and so if you’re not enjoying the process, it’s probably going to be a real challenge to find something that feels “perfect.”

That said, what exactly are you trying to find? I’ll admit I don’t know too many which are good for local, but that’s mostly because I have not tried anything local for the most part. You might try Open Interpreter, if you have not already.

yes the next big leap would be AI coding and another AI checking itself and verifying somehow… exciting idea but I am constantly let down

And I use .NET and all these things seem to work mainly for python