Linux AppImage not working

Looks like the AppImage for Linux is broken? It doesn’t launch, while I have the balenaEther AppImage launching just fine, so it’s not my system.


Apologies about this! What do you see? A black screen? Any crash logs?

Im using it for 4 days on Arch Linux and its working well

PopOS (Ubuntu derivative) claims that no app is registered for it and asks me to pick an app.

As I said, balenaEtcher also comes as an AppImage and it “just works” ™ :wink:

I have the same issue on Ubuntu. I start the appImage but nothing happens, no windows open or anything. Im unsure how to debug but can help if anyone have a suggestion. Ubuntu Mantic Minotaur

Nevermind, I found out. I had to make it executable first, then it worked.

❯ chmod +x cursor-0.8.2.AppImage
❯ ./cursor-0.8.2.AppImage
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@michaelaye does this fix things on your end?

yes, that was it, thanks.

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