Make Copilot++ Suggestion Toggle Only

Is there any way to have the Copilot++ suggestions only show up when a key bind is pressed? I can do this with Github Copilot by disabling auto completions in the settings. Are there any settings for Copilot++?


As of right now we do not have an option for this. But we could support it if enough people are looking for it.

Could you give me some more information here. Specifically, why you are looking for a toggle instead? And do you think your usecase will be solved with a smarter Copilot++?

Thanks for the quick reply! I prefer to have auto-suggestions off for copilots because I want time to think about what I’m writing before being answered.

My use-case won’t be solved with a smarter Copilot++. Even if the suggestions are better or correct, I don’t want a suggestion unless I ask for it.

As of now, I have Github Copilot suggestions that only show up when I press ⌘ + enter. It seems like Copilot++ is better than Github Copilot, but I’d need this toggle functionality to make the switch.

Thanks for giving me all the details here!

I’ve taken note of this on our end. Will give you an update here if / when we add this feature.

I would like this feature too.

I want to be able to ask for a Copilot++ suggestion when I feel I need it - sometimes just sit there and wait for a tab and pray it comes. But it would be nice when I know that I want it, to be able to call it.

Could provide example use cases if that helps.


+1 to this suggestion! I personally prefer to make an active choice to use AI, rather than letting it be my default. I want to make sure that I don’t become dependent on these tools and having a toggle button ensures that as a user, I’m in control of my decision to use Copilot++.


I’d like this as well please.

Having it auto-suggest feels like having someone over my shoulder shouting code at me as I’m trying to think of what to write.
It’s irritating.
I’d rather ask for it only when I want it (i.e. on key press).
At the times I do want it, it is very useful.


Agree with the above feedback that sometimes the inline suggestions are more disruptive than helpful, which is my issue with Copilot as well.

My other issue is that, if I have Intellisense open, and there’s a Copilot++ suggestion, pressing Tab prioritizes Copilot++ over Intellisense, whereas I want it the other way around.

A possible idea could be to optionally have suggestions displayed in the bottom toolbar somehow so that they’re still live but not as “in your face”. As an alternative to inline suggestions.

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Github Copilot recommends disabling the Intellisense extension, I think it’s worth leaving one thing here too.

I would also love suggestions to be toggle only. a lot of the times suggestions are just not the greatest and disrupt my flow of thinking. I am always much more productive by just going by myself and doing Cmd + K or chat whenever I need to.