Whether I should now disable Github Copilot when using Copilot++

In previous versions, there was a shortcut to trigger Copilot++, but now it automatically recognizes the line and provides suggestions, just like Github Copilot. This conflicts with the behavior of Github Copilot, should I turn off Github Copilot’s auto-suggestions if I want to use Copilot++?

You can do either! We (the devs) use Copilot++ by itself and have found it better for our codebase than using both together. But having Github Copilot on at the sametime should be well supported if you want – Copilot++ should just give priority to Github copilot.

We will be working on significantly improving capabilities/speed of copilot++ in the coming weeks :wink:

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Quick Q—where is the feature that lets you start using copilot++ anywhere on demand? The shortcut for me was hold command, tap shift, but after a reinstall, I can’t seem to activate that again. Thank you’!!

I think you should disable anyone, because both of them have auto-complete feature, so it will cause some conflicts

I don’t know if this is the right place to put it since it’s a feature suggestion, but I’d love to see a hotkey feature for Copilot++ again. For me, I use Github Copilot by default because of the speed advantage, and compensate for it by calling Copilot++ once again if Github Copilot answers stupidly.

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