Monthly limit on Pro

There seem to be a couple of mentions on the forums of people upgrading their Pro to 1000 rather than 500 requests per month. Is that a thing? Was that a thing? Will that be a thing in the future?

I’m on day 4 of using Cursor and I’ve created three-and-a-half fully functional projects and burnt through 250 requests already! Would gladly pay a bit more for a bit more.

I hope you’re not completely sick of being asked about this. I did try to do my forum research, and I even used the “Ask the AI” on the main site. It said:

To upgrade to 1000 fast requests per month, you can subscribe to Cursor Pro. Cursor Pro costs $20/month and gives you access to 500 requests with GPT-4, which is 3x faster than the default GPT-4 model over OpenAI’s API. This allows you to make more requests at a faster rate.

This seems somewhat contradictory; is it hallucinating? :slight_smile:


Currently we only have the one Pro plan with a limit of 500 fast requests, with no way to upgrade.

We’re thinking about adding a Pro+ plan, in one of two ways: (1) usage-based pricing above the 500 included requests, or (2) fixed-price for 3000 requests.

Which one would you prefer? Our main concern with the usage-based one is that the incentives are not entirely correct (it’s better for us to have a monetary incentive to use the models more efficiently!), and our main concern with the fixed-price one is that it’s inflexible.

Thanks for your speedy reply! I guess it would depend on the price point (he said, unhelpfully :laughing: )

Personally, I’d almost certainly be interested in a larger fixed price subscription (with the slow pool fallback). Compared to PAYG on a personal API key, there’s something enormously liberating about not feeling you’re getting punished every time you want to ask another question! It might seem weird to “want” to end up paying a bit over the odds in quiet months but at least it’s a known fixed cost up front, no surprises.

Many thanks for the consideration and sharing the current thinking.

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